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perennial reads

· Alfred Gell, Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory (1998) and “The Network of Standard Stoppages (c.1985)”
· A. M. Simone, “People as Infrastructure: Intersecting Fragments in Johannesburg” (2004)
· Blake Stimson, “Conceptual Work and Conceptual Waste” (2002)
· Flann O’Brien, At Swim-Two-Birds (1939); The Third Policeman (1967)
· Katrina Palmer, The Dark Object (2010)
· Maya Deren, “An Anagram of Ideas on Art, Form and Film” (1946)
· Rebecca Blood, “Weblogs: A History and Perspective” (2000)
· Richard Freeman, The Mirror of Yoga (2010)
· The Creative Independent, “How do you use the internet mindfully?” (2018)
· Tristram Stuart, The Bloodless Revolution: A cultural history of vegetarianism from 1600 to modern times (2006)
· Warren Boutcher, “Literary Art and Agency? Gell and the Magic of the Early Modern Book” (2015)

- jane